Morgan Rowe

Hey, that's me. I'm a writer, actress, intuitive, and life coach. I currently live in Mid-Coast Maine with my trusty companion, Maisie Doggs.

When I'm not watching birds empty the feeder, swimming in Penobscot Bay, or delighting in the never-ending joy Maisie Doggs gets from sniffing the same stretch of beach over and over again, I'm doing my best to reconcile the last thing my Dad said to me before he ventured from this life to the next with my natural inclination to find joy and beauty in life.

I was trying to get my dad to eat and he said:

No, Babe, I don't want to be part of this fiasco anymore.

And, then, 24 hours later, he redeemed his coat check and exited the building.

Mulling his exit line over and over, I've looked at it from every angle.

  • Was it HIS life that was a fiasco.
  • Or, is it MY life that's a fiasco, by proxy.
  • Or...oh dear, drats, darn it...LIFE in GENERAL!?!?

After 14 years of pondering, I've come to only one solid conclusion:

If life is a fiasco, I'm going to do everything I can to be a part of it and survive the journey with a dash of panache*!

Ok, granted, none of us survives the journey of life. That's a given.

But, maybe "surviving" is making it all the way to the departure gate for the next incarnation with a hopeful outlook and a sense of adventure. I figure the best way to get to the end of life with an open and thankful heart is to practice a little every day and to choose being a part of this crazy dance of life instead of standing apart from what really makes us glad to be alive. 

I, personally, spent too many of my younger years refusing to fully engage with the path I was drawn to for fear of making a mess, facing heartbreak, or enduring loss. Then my Dad chimed in on this whole "Fiasco" thing and checked out and I woke up and realized mess, heartbreak, and loss are givens in life, so I might as well find a way to tango deftly with trouble and learn to enjoy each twist and turn in the melody of everyday human existence.

That's me, dancing with disaster since 1969. Won't you join me?


*pa·nache: noun flamboyant confidence of style or manner.