Life Coaching with a Twist

Life coaching is a powerful, positivity based, forward looking endeavor designed to help folks get unstuck from what might be holding them back, holding them up, or keeping them small.

There are all sorts of reasons people hire life coaches. Some reasons my clients have come to me include:

  • Planning for the transition from working life to retirement.
  • To find the courage to pursue a creative project and establish a pathway to realizing its completion. 
  • Negotiating the decision of whether to re-locate or not.
  • Weekly support establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with money/work life.
  • After a healthy grieving process over the loss of a loved one, stepping back into the world and inviting joy back in.
  • Seeking clarity and focus on the next steps in their career or personal life.
I started working with Morgan during a very rough patch in my life. She helped me sort through all of the different things I was feeling and guided me into new and healthy mindset that led to me having a more solid relationship with my spouse, more honest interactions with my loved ones, and most importantly a stronger sense of self.
— J. Bucoir, Tallahassee, Fl.

There are also all sorts of coaches out there ready to get to work. Here are a few things about me, which might help you to decide if I'm the right coach for you:

  • I believe that we are all connected energetically, to each other and to forces greater than ourselves. You may call that God, I may call it the Universal Consciousness, your/my guides, the better angels. This is an important foundation for my coaching style.
  • My coaching practice is 100% positivity based. There will be no reprimands or disappointment coming from this corner of the mat. I believe my clients are experts in their lives. They have the power to accomplish anything. They also have the right to change their mind about what they want to do and accomplish.
  • That said, I bring a powerful dose of emotional intelligence to the table and consider it my responsibility to offer you other perspectives and inquiry for stretching your scope of understanding of how powerful and capable you are, especially when your own faith seems shaken.
  • Life is messy, full of sorrow, obstacles, and reasons to be afraid. I understand this and know what it is to be paralyzed by these "realities." I also know first hand the power of positive thinking, gratitude, the freedom that comes with acceptance of one's shadow, and the strength that comes from learning to accept and dance within the Fiasco of Life. Won't you join me?
Morgan is highly intuitive and knows just the thing you can’t quite put your finger on. She created a magical and safe atmosphere for even the most delicate of ideas to emerge. There was never any pushing, just allowing space for my truth to emerge.
— J. Martin, Los Angeles

Here's the Twist...

After years of coaching in a traditional manner, I stand behind one of the founding principals of Life Coaching: coaches should rarely, if ever, give their interpretation of a situation or dispense advice. It's gobsmackingly beautiful to watch people who think they need to be told what to do, discover that they have the ability to figure things out for themselves. This realization usually comes hand in hand with a deepening connection to whatever they call Spirit, God, Universal Consciousness, or just plain ol' gut intuition.

So, to fast-track that connection to higher powers or deep inner knowings, I started offering intuitive readings which allow me to act as an intermediary between client and guides who sometimes do have something to say about the situation at hand.

Not that I don't think you have the power to talk to your guides yourself.

Of course you do!

In fact, that's why I like to combine intuitive readings with life coaching. Since most folks show up at my site when life has gotten them a little addled and less able to sort out what's coming at them through the energetic mail-chute*. So I begin sessions by offering assistance in the form of special deliveries brought to you by the universe.

Then, once the connection is open between you and your intuitive allies, I put my coaching hat on and hold space, sometimes prodding with a question or two, sometimes cheering you on as you regain trust in your own inner knowing. Then we end our session with a concrete action step or delicious question for further internal study that you can carry with you and work on for the next week or two.

After that, you return, report in, and explore what dance sequence you'd like to work on next. You know, if life is a dance and you are the graceful, break dancing ballerina I think you are!

I offer two starter coaching packages. Individual sessions may be added on after the starter packages are complete.

The Two Step

Do you have a very specific issue that's weighing you down? It might be something that suddenly popped up and made the room spin and  your feet go wobbly. Or, it might be a sustained and nagging thought you just can't make heads or tails of. Well, this two session package could be the ticket for shaking off the confusion and getting your feet under you so that you can get your groove back pronto.

STEP ONE: A 1.5 hour session that is 3-parts intuitive reading, 1-part life coaching is meant to create clarity and possibility where there hadn't been any before. Before the session is over, we will co-design an action step or focused inquiry that you'd like to focus on for the next week or two.

STEP TWO: We come back together for an hour to discuss how the last week or two went. This session will draw more heavily from the coaching bag of tricks and allow you to draw on your own practical and intuitive skills to make your own plan for how to dance happily off into the future. 

Price: 2.5 hours of Cosmic Waltzing for $112.50

Try Before You Buy

It's very important to me that you are comfortable with the idea of coaching with me before you commit to buying a package. So I offer a free 20 minute Chit-Chat Session so you can tell me a little bit about what's going on, I can answer any questions you might have about how I work, and let you know if I think what I have to offer could suit your needs.

You're the wisest person I know when it comes to you and what you need!

The Cha-Cha-Cha

This package takes The Two Step and adds four additional 1 hour sessions where I will continue to coach and hold space as you learn to Cha-Cha-Cha through the co-designed weekly action items and discover that you are ready to get out there in the world and lead your own conga line into the future.

Price: 6.5 hours of You Time for $324

All 6 sessions in The Cha-Cha-Cha package must be completed within a two month window. Should you decide you'd like a little more coaching when the package is done, you may sign up for individual sessions one at a time.

Want a little more information about what Life Coaching Is or Isn't? 

* Mail-Chute: n. A vertical mailing tube, with a glass front, erected in hotel or office building, and passing through all or several floors; a chute for letters.