Cosmic Guidance

5 x 9 Reverse Glass Painting, Balance and Physical Harmony

5 x 9 Reverse Glass Painting, Balance and Physical Harmony

Let's cut to the woo-woo. I believe we are all connected to higher powers, guides that are working behind the scenes 24/7 to help us navigate the daily ups and downs, clearing paths so that we can avoid being felled by falling scenery, and whispering encouragement or warnings when we should steer clear of or dive right into someone's beautiful blue eyes.

I also know, from years of practice, that hearing cosmic guidance is challenging, especially when our dander is up or our heart is all a twitter. And it's super hard to get going on the path we long for when we've dug a worry trench so deep that our anxiety prevents us from seeing that we've actually got all the tools we need to build a ladder and get on the road. 

So, that's where I might be of service.

I can act as a liaison between you and the forces for good all around you by combining intuitive readings crafted as a sort of love letter from the universe with one of a kind, just for you, paintings that visually enhance the messages relayed by your cosmic guides.

How does it work, you ask?

  • You send me an inquiry. I, then, use tarot cards as a basis for getting in touch with your guides. Though, my methodology isn't classical tarot, by any means. While I have an understanding of traditional tarot vocabulary, I prefer a less rigid approach and use the cards as a way to make a long distance call to your better angels and get the conversation going.
  • We chat; your guides, via the cards, dictate a message which I type up.
  • During the process an image, or series of images if you choose to go big with a multi-panel Vision Board, starts to take shape in my mind's eye.
  • When your reading is fully down on paper, I set about painting your one of a kind reversed-glass, folk-art, magic-infused, ready-to-hang-on-the-wall, hard to photograph, visual message/inspiration/reminder from the universe.
  • When it is finished, I send the letter and painting lickity split to you via the US Post Office, old school.

Just want an intuitive reading? We can do that too!


I offer a 30 minute Quick Fix, 60 minute standard, or a 90 minute Deep Dive reading over the phone or in person in Mid-Coast Maine!

Don't Want To Wait For An Appointment or a Package In The Mail?

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