It's About The Journey, A Travel Diary From India and Europe

The posts contained in this diary primarily relate to a 3.5 month solo trip I took to India in 2011. Though there are a handful early on from a trip to Europe in 2008. Quite honestly, who knows what you might find. These are mostly from the road & therefore chock a block full of detail, some are finessed more than others. All are filled with heart and soul, light and love.

The posts on India were particularly well read. So, for anyone traveling there who would like to have some friendly stories about how this wayfaring stranger made it through the often unnerving inner and outer ear-splitting din and anxiety of navigating fabulous, awful, maddening, joyful, glorious, crazy India, you can jump to the beginning of that tale in the post India, The Journey Within, and work your way forward.

Or you can click on a tag below that intrigues you and see what stories await. Cheers!


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