Illustrated Intuitive Readings and Vision Windows

Thank you thank you! I just got home to find a package from you! Opening it felt like Christmas! It was packaged so lovely and lovingly! I love the painting and reading! The picture says it all, loving and embracing what I know in my heart.
— C.L., Philadelphia

Remember when you were a kid and your Mom put notes in your lunch box to remind you how much she loved you? Well, intuitive readings are like love notes from your spirit guides....Especially when they come in the mail, complete with an illustration to drive home the point: You are loved, and not just by your Mom. The universe is out there rooting for you and willing to give a guiding hand anytime you ask. Like I said over here, sometimes it's easy to pick up on the signs yourself...sometimes, a little earthly help is appreciated.

I am honored to serve as a conduit for spirit, packing your cosmic lunch box with illustrated Love Notes aka Illustrated Intuitive Readings. While I have been working intuitively for many years now, painting on glass is a relatively new pursuit, but it's already a real passion...because the glittery, sparkling undertones that come shining through when the layers of paint and gold leaf all dry always produce an element of surprise and delight that I couldn't plan, but was clearly meant to be known, seen, and felt!

The magic, mystery, and depth of communication is multiplied when working on multi-paned Vision Windows, think vision boards, but out, the whimsy, wonder, and color can be intense. Some paintings have been described as reminiscent of a folk-art Chagall, others are certainly more Peter Max* meets Dr. Seuss.

Wanna read a letter to see what Illustrated Intuitive Readings are all about?

A lovely soul inquired: My general question is related to "financial stuckness". Meaning, I experience so much positive forward momentum, joy and love for my talents; abundance in work and projects...but seriously, my income has remained stagnant for years.... When will I see financial rewards for all my hard work and value? Read The Response

Here are some things you might like to know about Illustrated Intuitive Readings and Multi-Paned Vision Windows:

  • I use recycled and reclaimed frames and windows, painting directly on one side of the glass so that you can view the art from the other side. It takes many layers of puzzling out what will be visible to you, applying layers in reverse order from what a traditional painter would paint. Because of the requirement of painting definition/outline first and then layering in the background, it adds an extra dimension of magic and mystery to how your painting will present itself.
  • In each painting I use reflective materials like gold/silver leaf and subtle glitter paint that shine through and feel directly related to the universal consciousness. However, because of these materials and the fact that they are applied directly to the glass, it is nearly impossible to capture the effervescent and "alive" quality of the paintings in a photograph, so, what you see on these pages is not nearly what you'd see if you held them in your hand.

Each piece shimmers and inspires and serves as a joyful talisman and inspiration for what lies ahead!

Wow! Thank you so much!! I LOVE IT...the reading, the art! Very powerful and moving. Your reading is particularly powerful for me because it so clearly articulates what I do know, yet can’t explain. Your reading has offered clarity and perspective, and given me a goal to ponder and strive for. I will post it near my desk as a reminder of my inner strength and to dream BIG! :-)
— J.R., Seattle

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* "Peter Max is an American artist known for using bright colors in his work. Max synthesized the "Summer of Love" into artworks from canvas to mugs, clocks, scarves, clothes, and cruise ships." According to his Wikipedia Page.