Bona Fides

In many very important ways my life has been extremely blessed. Tho, at times, I've struggled deeply with the inevitable pain and disappointments that come with the gift of human existence. A born seeker, I've chased understanding all around the globe and worked for over 40 years trying to make sense of the complicated experience of being alive. While early on this pursuit was often inward facing, it ultimately became imperative to turn outward and make myself of use.

So, now I bring three related, tho distinct, bags of goodies to the banquet: Mad Storytelling Skills, Intuition, and Life Coaching.

Stories of Light and Love

Raised by a pair of actors and directors, I got my BFA studying acting at The Theater School at DePaul University. While working professionally in the theater ever since, I began writing regularly in 2008.

Though you may not realize it, those of us who commit to theater and writing are also making a study of human nature. I spend my downtime people watching, interpreting body language, picking up mannerisms, and creating stories of what might be going on in the inner worlds of total strangers. More importantly, I have turned that laser focus inward, seeking to understand my own emotional landscape.

I work almost everyday to sift through what I encounter and find the light and love and reflect that back into the world, weaving tapestries of what it means to choose opening one's heart, braving dark days along with the bright, and saying Yes to chaos, calamity, and even heartbreak.

By regularly alternating my view from what I observe in others and what I dare to observe in myself,  I have accumulated over 45 years worth of case studies in what it means to participate, or choose not to participate, in the fiasco of everyday existence.


I've been studying the intuitive arts for over 15 years. with various shamanic practitioners and fellow intuitives. Through honing my deep, and I mean deep,  listening skills I have come to a place where I rely on intuition in my own life to make some pretty big life decisions.

For instance, in 2016 I woke up one day and knew I had to sell my house and leave my home of 20 years in Seattle to move across country; I didn't know why or where I was going to end up. Two days after I arrived in New York for a family event, I discovered that my mother was sick with cancer. Because I had divested myself of my west coast obligations I was able to move right in and help her through chemo and now, a little over a year since I knew I had to move, she has recovered and I've found a new home in Maine.

When working with others, I often use cards to facilitate a conversation with a client's guides. However, sometimes insight comes through during regular ol' conversation, often proceeded by a physical sensation alerting me to pay attention and listen with all my senses.

As of early 2017, I also use the art of Reverse Glass Painting to enhance and deepen the conversations with spirit, letting color and form speak in a more visceral and energetic way to clients than words can sometimes convery.

Life Coaching

In 2013, I added to my bag of listening tricks and became a certified Life Coach. With my coaching hat on, I help my clients remember that they have everything they need to be whole, healthy, and, agile enough to thrive, even when life gets truly whack-a-doodle.

One of the hallmarks of Life Coaching is that the client is in charge of deciding what is the focus of conversation and how to navigate the session. So, when I work in pure life coaching mode, I set my intuitive sensors on "mute" so client and guides can (re) establish their own vibrant lines of connection.

As you will see when you check out the Intuitive Life Coaching page, I find melding intuitive readings and life coaching to be a dynamic way to facilitate change and transform someone from confused or searching client to empowered and savvy dancer tangoing with the very mystery of what it means to be alive!

For more on what Life Coaching is or isn't, check out this page!

Morgan brings such a full quiver of arrows to our sessions: powerful intuition, keen intellect, a wide-open heart and a rich, earthy sense of humor. When you fold in her searching curiosity and naturally accepting nature, you get this experience of an active kind of spaciousness, which feels sparkling and full of potential. I love the rich attention and room to explore Morgan gives me, and she has a knack for asking the right kinds of questions. There’s the old story of Michelangelo carving David, and how he just took away all of the pieces of the rock that weren’t David. In the same way, Morgan doesn’t try to force anything into being, but she has a genius for collaborating with you and co-revealing the truth that’s waiting there inside you. What she does is hard to describe because it’s so subtle and so right. It has to be experienced to be understood. You feel like you can’t go down the wrong track, because you’re building on this foundation of your realest truth. Morgan is just magic, damn it.
— T. Rowley, Seattle