Multi-Image, Large Scale Intuitive Visioning Windows


Multi-Image, Large Scale Intuitive Visioning Windows

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If you are looking for something on a larger scale, physically and spiritually, I adore doing multi-windowed paintings that reflect a wider breadth of dimensionality of the journey ahead. These pieces require a one on one conversation either over the phone or in person so that I may get a broad idea of what you are currently visioning for your life ahead, what qualities you'd like to bring forth, what dreams you are manifesting into reality. I then do a series of intuitive readings and sketches interpreting what spirit wishes to convey and to inspire.

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A few things to note:

  • I will communicate with you as soon as I receive your order to set up an appointment to discuss what you are visioning into your life. After our initial discussion you can decide if you'd like to view the outline sketches before they are painted or wether you'd like to be surprised by the visions that come to life through our discussion.
  • Due to the collaborative nature of creating the piece, the time it takes for multiple layers of paint to dry, and the distance your Visioning Window may travel, please allow up to a month for delivery.
  • These reclaimed windows can be quite large and heavy. While I try to utilize them in a way that makes the most sense for their future as art on a wall, I do not take responsibility for how they will be hung on your wall when you receive them.  All hardware and weight bearing accommodations are up to you.
  • I use all windows as found and as spirit chooses them, so they may be quite rustic.
  • Your Visioning Window and Reading is yours and yours alone, tho, I will ask if I may share photos of the pieces on this site and in social media. Please know your journey is sacred to me and I will only expand the vibrations of what you call forth if you are okay with that!